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Bluestorm Internet Solutions' philosophy is simple..…Offer Added Value. The company was established due to the need for quality and professional Internet services for the SME market and others at affordable rates. Our goal is to develop and maintain business relationships with our clients that create a high level of value for them through our products, services, performance and technology. These services include Web Hosting, Web Design, Web Development, Domain Name Management, Multimedia and Email Solutions.

Our People, Technology and Services are committed to providing you with excellent service and support, unmatched in the industry. This is the key to our success, and yours. The Internet is a constantly changing platform to promote your business and the first point of call is to own you unique domain name.

We believe in the Internet and feel that it is important for all businesses to have a web presence to market their company and their services. Having a website nowadays does n't put you ahead of the competition as it did in the past, now without a website, you will be left behind the rest.

We will develop the client's requirements around their needs being part of their success and future growth. With our specialized services to the corporate industry, this allows us to develop and maintain excellent business relationships through outstanding customer service, prompt, efficient and reliable applications and competitive pricing.


Web Hosting - Starting at just R95.00 per month you can host your website with firewall security and backups. Using one of South Africa's largest network backbone with servers locally and internationally, we are confident of uptime and speed.

Web Design - Websites designed for those wanting a professional representation of their products or services on the Web without paying breaking their pocket. We will also assist in developing an appropriate web marketing strategy and educate what is possible and feasible - and what is not.

E-Commerce Development - We are able to offer state of the art E-Commerce enabled websites where we provide expert evaluation of your requirements and then concentrate on the development of your organisations electronic commerce requirements.

Domain Name Management - This is the first step to achieving that web presence. We will check to see if the domain name you require is available and will register that domain name on you behalf.

Multimedia - with our amazing design team, we can offer superior flash, animated, digital multimedia platforms designed to your specifications.

Email Solutions - With our new age technology we are able to offer bulk email campaigns for small to very large quantities. Added to this we are able to track the success of the campaign with click through rates and number of read/unread emails. All our campaigns have a opt in/opt out facility. Spam is not tolerated.

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